How To A.C.T. On Your Faith

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How To A.C.T. On Your Faith

Movie SlateHave you ever had one of those moments that seem to suck up all of your energy, emotions, knowledge and whatever else it can gravitate to?  And it doesn’t just stop after you’ve prayed about it, it seems to linger on for days, weeks, and even months.  When you become aware of it you ask, what is this? Why can’t I shake this and move on?  I mean you’re physically exhausted, you have an out of body experience that’s looking down on you and cheering you on but you just can’t seem to get out of the quicksand.  Well my friend, if you can relate with me then know that I’m praying for you and hopefully these few tips will help pull you through and get you back on track.

I find it interesting that I had begun this blog a day before a recent marriage coaching session Thomas and I facilitated.  Truly, as you know, the Holy Spirit has no secrets.  For the very thing that He was giving me to put in the blog, I was actually using during the coaching session and it gets better…the principles weren’t even brought up by me but by Thomas and the couple…can you say WOW!!! I remain in such awe of our Heavenly Father.  The principles make up a simple little word called A.C.T.  I know, you were expecting something profound but that’s all I have.  Let’s break this down and prayerfully, you’ll understand the WOWness that helped me through my little “mood.”

First, you have to acknowledge you’re in a funky place, you have no energy, you’re burnt out, YOU’RE STUCK!  You remember the famous psalmist that was a man after God’s heart, David, the shepherd boy and Israel’s greatest king?  Well guess what, he had no problem with acknowledging his problems with the Lord when they seemed to overtake him.  As a matter of fact, one of my favorite psalms is Psalms 6.  David says, “Lord, I’m worn out from groaning, all night long, I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears…my eyes grow week with sorrow they fail because of my foes…” And you thought you were the only one crying at night, weeping silently because you don’t want anyone to see your tears. Remember this, God sees all and knows all.  You see, David sought God and he acknowledged his situation…he didn’t have time to be ashamed.  So, if the very man that was after God’s heart acknowledged his woes, why don’t we?  Acknowledge you’ve messed up, didn’t get it right…maybe you allowed someone to take you out of your godly-character and you feel you missed your opportunity to witness to them.  Acknowledge it to the Lord and move on!  Listen, if we were perfect, we wouldn’t have a need for God.  Ask for forgiveness, receive it and move on.

Center yourself by prayer, meditation, fasting.  WOW!  How many times have you read that we must pray, fast and meditate on the word of God?  Basically, have some communion time with God.  There’s a reason for this…I have found that it’s a reset button.  It’s almost like the old saying,  “Stop, drop and roll.”  In this case, stop, drop and pray as my pastor puts it. Now, I’m the type of person that doesn’t assume that everyone knows how to do this so therefore, the teacher in me rises to the forefront.  I won’t take the space to spell out how to have quiet time with God so I’ll refer you to a great article I’ve come across entitled…you’ve got it, ”How to Do Quiet Time-Time Alone with God.”  Reply to this blog  and let me know what you think.  Again, the word says that we should, “Study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15) and acquire wisdom and understanding (Proverbs 4:5). Take time to get to know our Heavenly Father and I’m sure He’ll share some things about you as well.

It works!  You’re never too busy or too far gone to do this. If you’re not doing it, let’s face it, it’s a pride thing and the word gently reminds us that “pride goes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit comes before the fall.” (Proverbs 16:18) but I will say that when your circumstances require you to do drastic things, you’ll find yourself prostrated before the Lord.

Talk…talk…talk…talk AND talk some more – talk it out with your spouse, best friend, mentor, marriage coach, etc.  BUT TALK! Talking is not just for women, as we’re constantly being reminded of by society but men have to talk things out as well.  Obviously, you want to talk with like-minded people, seek counsel from the wise (Proverbs 13:10) talk to that person you know who is going to make positive deposits into your emotional bank account.  You see there are times when I’ve got to have that boost that will catapult me out of my funkiness because there’s great work to be done and who am I to be sulking all day. So, I have people in my network that I call when I need a laugh, someone to remind me of my talents, vision, goals, life aspirations, purpose, etc.  You know the person who makes you laugh just by the sound of their voice…they are anointed with the spirit of joy.  The person who seems to get you excited again about your future, they are anointed for encouragement. And let’s not forget that person that no matter how you try to whine your way through, they do not like misery and will not allow you to stay in yours …they are anointed with the spirit of being optimistic.  Do you see why God said that we should not forsake the fellowship of coming together? Hmmm, you mean other people may have what I can’t seem to give to myself even in my most desperate time…that’s exactly right.  It’s not about your intelligence; it’s just a principle God put in place a long time ago.

So, the next time you seem to be in a slump, acknowledge where you are, center your thoughts through prayer, meditation and fasting and lastly talk it out.  I pray that you A.C.T on your faith quickly and allow God to give you back your zeal for his word and for your purpose in life.  If you need a coach to help you through, remember Thomas and I are here for you and we’re committed to living life and living it more abundantly, in Jesus name!

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