I Built My Playground on the Freeway of Life

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I Built My Playground on the Freeway of Life

Frwy Playground

Many of us have had the experience of growing up in a home where Sunday morning consisted of going to a facility where the word of God was taught and religion was a significant part of our Sunday experience. As we grew older and were afforded the opportunity to make our own decisions about how we would live our lives we tended to lean toward what made us feel good. The responsibilities of being a Christian infringed on the right to enjoy life in the club, or at the bar, or chasing a member(s) of the opposite sex. What we can do is admit that sin is fun. It makes us “feel good.”

If this is familiar to you then we have something in common. As I continued to mature in life, I discovered that my playground of fun and sun started to get invaded with the responsibilities of life. Not unlike many of you, I met a member of the opposite sex who caused me to focus more on the responsibilities of paying bills, acquiring a place of residence, vehicles and suddenly I was traveling across town to a better paying job because of the things that I wanted to have in my playground. Notice I have not mentioned returning to the place of accountability – church.

Then the announcement is made that a third person is entering the relationship. A new life has been created and a child is on the way. How did that happen? Then a second, and a third. Wait a minute, what’s going on? Somehow the playground of fun and sun got jolted to fruitful multiplication and I found myself on the freeway of life in a parked minivan. Only in God’s kingdom can one plus one equal five. Suddenly, I looked up and there was traffic swerving around my playground. Improperly managed responsibility equals frustration in marriage; improperly managed frustration and no accountability equals divorce. Notice again that I still have not mentioned returning to the place of accountability – the Church. And what do we learn from life experiences without accountability? Nothing!!!

Divorce led to building a new playground and on the same “worldly” freeway. That is until I got hit by the diesel truck of despair and the trailer of desolation. It was a major incident and the partially empty minivan turned over spilling its cargo onto the freeway and onto my playground. I looked around and saw, fornication, adultery, lying, pride, unforgiveness, soul ties, heart ties, and many more of my issues exposed for all to see. As I reflected on how I was growing older, I realized that the level of spiritual maturity was extremely lacking and if I was going to have a successful life experience I needed to makes some changes. I had listened to friends and family about how my life should be and was following their advice as best I could and ended up exposed. It was at that time that I decided to try Christianity again, but this time it was going to be different.

What I recalled from my early years in the church was a lot of “feel good” messages that I nor my relatives or friends could remember when we exited the building. An empty vessel with no foundation will surely crumble and I had. I contemplated what I could do different and deep within me, I felt the need to read the Bible myself (from beginning to end). The decision was not some great epiphany, just a desire to experiment with the principles in the word of God. After all, I tried the principles of the world and had gotten little satisfaction out of my life. I had a lot of fun but was left empty.

As I began to read I realized I would need some help with understanding what I was reading. I approached men and women of God but found many questions went unanswered or contradicted the word of God itself. I finally said a prayer to God, asking that Holy Spirit teach me to understand what I was reading. It was then that I really started to understand the principles I was reading. I began to apply them to my life and noticed a stronger confidence in my abilities as I saw the fruit of my efforts with the Holy Spirit at my side. The Holy Spirit showed me how to pick up the pieces of issues that were thrown around and address each of them individually, give them to God while asking forgiveness of those who I hurt that I could reach. He also lead me to a church where God’s word is taught and men and women practice supporting one another spiritually, mentally, and physically as part of the culture.

While my first marriage was not restored, my relationship with my children came back to me in the form of custody and a new wife. Today we walk in a greater unity in Christ and it is all because a personal decision was made to follow God’s written word. What I have learned is that I can have sinful fun in life and remain empty or I can delight in the Lord with all my heart and experience a side of life that is spiritual, relational, and fulfilling as I commune with my God, his Son, Holy Spirit and my God given wife. Today, my playground is built on the rock that is Christ Jesus and sinful things are far and few in between.

Look at all the things in your playground and determine if you have built your life on a freeway that is bound to get you run over. Are there some idols that need to be torn down so that God can make positive change in your marriage, home, and career? If so, we are capable of coaching you on that journey with your marriage. Contact us today.

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