D. & D. W.

“Natasha, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you and Thomas do for marriages. I did not appreciate what you all offered until my husband and I met with our marriage counselor at our church. The difference I noticed immediately was when we left our session with you all, my husband and I were holding hands and were encouraged to talk things through using the tools that was given to us.  When we left our church marriage counselor, we not only weren’t holding hands, we were encouraged to not talk about what we had just spent the last hour talking about! We’d like to schedule another session soon with you and Thomas soon!”

D. & D. W.

Other Testimonials

“We were blessed to find both Thomas and Tasha at the time that we did in our marriage. God has a way of placing the right people in your life at the right time. Thank you for helping us re-identify God in our marriage and in our lives. Blessings always.”

J. & C. W.

“Good morning. Thank you all very much for a great time last night.  God truly has some strong soldiers working for him!  May you all continue to be blessed by the Best!

J. & D. B.

“Thank you so much for extending your time and hospitality to us on Sunday. Your coaching put in perspective how we should forgive, ask questions then with a pure heart forgive and give it to God so true healing can begin.  I am so thankful for the tools you have provided to us and have faith that God will restore lost trust. You both are an inspiration to our marriage!  Thank you so much again for helping us!”

Z. & K. L.

“Thomas & Tasha, Thank you for being there for me during the hardest time of my marriage, and helping us strengthen each other to bring a life into this world. Love you!”

M. & C. W.

“Just want to thank the two of you for helping my family in a time of need. Your meticulous guidance and expertise has been very useful and instrumental in how my wife and I approach obstacles in our relationship.”

B. & J. T.

Thomas and Natasha, Thank you so much for investing in us. The coaching and practical skills you taught us transformed our marriage. You guys are truly remarkable life coaches. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

S. & S. R.