Marriage Coaching

We help couples solve conflicts to have a healthy, confident, and successful marriage. We work with couples who are married, want to resolve issues in their marriage without fighting or arguing, and are willing to be on board with the process 100%.

Symptoms of unsuccessful marriages are carried over into the workplace, may cause stress with children and family members, and lead to divorce. Marriage is an investment in the family physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Divorce leads to costly expenses such as attorney fees, court costs, broken homes, and additional expenses that come with managing two separate households.

With our help, married couples will not have an argument because they will know how to resolve conflict peacefully. This will benefit their lives and the lives of children who will be raised in a house of peace. Many couples experience an increase in workplace performance, creating better opportunities for raises/promotions, and they get to keep the finances they have worked for during their marriage to one another.

The way we help get these results is by one; teaching the steps to conflict resolution, two: changing your approach through intentional, precise communication, three: teaching you how to be an effective listener, four: training you to hear the perspective of your spouse, five: introducing God into the conversation, and six: helping the couple establish boundaries so that your spouse is never hurt in the way they have been, ever again.

We do this because it is a key role in our God-given purpose. It also affords us the opportunity to witness couples thrive in marriage in the fight against divorce. We believe that the current divorce rate can be reduced significantly, and it starts with you. By reducing the rate of divorce utilizing biblical principles, we will have stronger families, affording us stronger communities, cities, states, and nations.

Let’s work together to change the inheritance of our children’s children by building stronger, more peaceful homes starting today.