To empower couples with tools for a successful marriage.


To manifest a nation where families, grounded in biblical principles, are the catalyst for a free society.  We will continuously teach families the word of God through practical application of socially spiritual principles directed toward the duplication of positive lifestyles.  By understanding the necessity to protect biblical principles at all costs, compassionately, we will fully commit ourselves to the word of God and test the word of all others by His word.  We will provide assistance to families in their effort to regain control of the ideals of the nation in which we live.


To bring about healing in the hearts of marriages so that two shall walk as one.


Living a life that emulates that of Jesus Christ.

Applying the principles of forgiveness, thereby allowing God to continue to operate in our lives to the fullness of His desire.

Coaching/Partnering with others to help couples through their trials.

Rejoicing at the salvation of each individual who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Assisting others in the accomplishment of their goals and objectives for family life.

Helping others understand the value of marriage consisting of one man and one woman.

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